Even though every article I write in this series is incredibly long, I always have to leave something out. Here are some of the other stories that were told about “personalized learning” this year – stories I didn’t fit into part 5 in my year-end-series:

How Uber Deceives the Authorities Worldwide” via The New York Times. (Yes, “greyballing” is “personalization.”

“Learning Machines” by Ben Williamson

Problems with Personalized Learning” by Dan Meyer

An Education Week “Special Report” on Personalized Learning

The rise in personalised story books and what it means for children’s privacy” via The Conversation

The Histories of Personalized Learning” by me

“Zombie Reforms and Personalized Learning,” parts 1 and 2 by Larry Cuban

I’m not going to link to all the stories about AltSchool’s funding and AltSchool’s model and AltSchool’s pivot to a learning management system provider, even though I’m sure many people will insist that’s the biggest “personalized learning” story of the year. Good riddance…

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The Stories We Were Told about Education Technology (2017)

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